​About Ridgewater

Ridgewater College is a community and technical college that offers more than 100 educational programs in Transfer Education, transfer options, and technical education. Ridgewater College serves more than 5500 students on its campuses in the growing communities of Willmar and Hutchinson, Minnesota.

Ridgewater College also offers some programs that are unique in the state of Minnesota and nationally. Small class sizes, up-to-date technology, and access to many student activities and organizations (including intercollegiate sports, choir, theater, and Student Senate) give students the opportunity to enjoy a positive college experience. Ridgewater College is proud of its scholarship foundation, and excellent graduation and job placement rates.

As a partner in the region's business and industry, Ridgewater College strives to maintain a quality of education for tomorrow's workforce, and to keep pace with the needs of the community by offering Customized and Continuing Education courses.

Ridgewater College is recognized as an educational leader that exemplifies innovation and excellence within a student-centered learning environment, and is dedicated to providing an accessible, affordable, and supportive setting for all students.

Ridgewater participates in the Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP).  For a detailed look at Ridgewater’s participation in this program through the Higher Learning Commission, visit our AQIP System Portfolio.

Ridgewater College Vision:

Ridgewater College will be a dynamic educational leader exemplifying innovation and excellence within a student-centered learning environment.

Ridgewater College Mission:

Ridgewater provides quality educational opportunities for diverse student learners in an inclusive, supportive, and accessible environment.

Ridgewater College Values:

Ridgewater College values a learning environment that:

  • Focuses on student needs and student success
  • Equips students to think critically and creatively, solve problems, and adapt to a rapidly changing world
  • Embraces diversity of thought, diversity of individual background, and affirms the worth and dignity of each individual
  • Focuses on continuous improvement by establishing success indicators, measuring against those indicators, and using the results to make strategic decisions
  • Promotes ethical and honest behavior and accountability at both an institutional and individual level
  • Demonstrates and reinforces the value of lifelong learning
  • Reaches beyond the College’s walls to the community, the region, and the world.

Ridgewater College is an equal opportunity employer and educator.