Ways To Give

Gifts of cash are the most popular vehicle for contributing to the Ridgewater College Foundation. Cash contributions are completely tax deductible and may provide federal and state tax savings. Cash gifts may be sent in any amount at any time. 
Gifts-in-Kind are items of tangible, personal property such as real estate, securities/stocks, vehicles, art, books, software or other supplies or equipment donated for educational purposes. A gift in kind requires ​an official transfer of ownership of property from the donor to the Foundation. Gifts in kind must be accompanied by a Gift-in-Kind (Noncash) Donation form which includes the fair market value as determined by the donor. The IRS and Ridgewater College require that gifts-in-kind valued at more than $5,000 also have an independent appraisal provided by the donor.
Ridgewater College Foundation reserves the right to approve all gifts in kind before they are accepted. Please contact the Foundation Executive Director at 320-222-6094 for more details.
There are many advantages for donors who donate gifts of securities/stock:
  • You get an income tax deduction based on the value of the securities at the time you make the gift.
  • You avoid capital gains tax on the appreciated value of the securities.
  • The College can immediately use the proceeds for the purpose you specify or for general support of essential initiatives.
  • It's easy! Contact the Foundation Office at 320-222-6094 for more information.
  • The value of your gift will be the average of the high and the low trading prices on the official date of your gift. The date of gift is the day the College Foundation assumes ownership of the security.
The college's Vehicle Donation Program allows donors to contribute their used vehicles for use in the classroom, providing hands-on instruction for students. Donors are responsible for determining a fair market value of the vehicle prior to the donation. Appointments to drop off vehicles can be arranged through the Foundation Office (phone 320-222-6094). For full details, view the Vehicle Donation Program Brochure.
A "planned gift" (also known as a deferred gift) is one that is made today and will be received by the Ridgewater College Foundation in the future. The following planned giving opportunities are available:
A bequest in a will is a popular deferred giving option because it provides estate tax benefits. There are four types of bequests:
  • Restrictive bequest - is restricted for a specific purpose.
  • Unrestrictive bequest - is flexible because it can be used for the college's greatest need.
  • Endowed bequest - allows the fund principal to be preserved and the income to be used for specific purposes.
  • Contingent bequest - names Ridgewater College Foundation (RCF) as a contingent beneficiary in case the initial beneficiary predeceases the donor. Naming RCF as a contingent beneficiary is a way to ensure that assets do not get caught up in probate.
Benefits to You:
Gifts made to Ridgewater College Foundation are 100% tax deductible, and by planning a gift to RCF through your will, it provides you with the opportunity to make a future gift to RCF.
Charitable Remainder Trust
Charitable Remainder Trust allows the donor to make a charitable contribution of long term capital gain to RCF while the donor retains the trust's income for either a specific term of years or for life.
Benefits to You:
The gift of a trust provides an immediate tax deduction for a portion of the trust's principal value. This value is based on trust provisions and the age of the beneficiaries, the avoidance of capital gains taxes, and the opportunity to increase income by converting low income assets into high income assets. The gift of a trust also provides an income stream for you and/or named beneficiaries.
Charitable Lead Trust
Charitable Lead Trust provides a gift of income interest from assets to the Foundation for a set length of time. After the term is expired, the property either reverts to the donor or passes to a beneficiary.

Benefits to You:
The gift of a Charitable Lead Trust provides you with the opportunity to retain and transfer appreciated property to family members at a low cost, while realizing estate tax savings.
Charitable & Deferred Gift Annuities
Charitable and Deferred Gift Annuities provide the donor with an opportunity to transfer cash or securities to the Foundation in return for which the donor will receive an agreed upon annuity for life. Long term-appreciated securities are an exceptional way to establish a charitable gift to Ridgewater College Foundation.
Benefits to You
A gift annuity provides you with an immediate charitable tax deduction and an increase in your disposable income; a fixed payout that offers the security of a guaranteed income for life; and the opportunity to provide income for yourself or other named beneficiaries.
Unitrust provides you with the opportunity to combine life income with a gift to the Ridgewater College Foundation. Unitrusts provide an excellent way for donors to increase their income by converting low-income assets into high-income assets.
Benefits to You:
This gift provides you with an immediate charitable tax deduction, the avoidance of capital gains taxes and the opportunity to make a larger gift to the Ridgewater College Foundation than otherwise might have been possible.
Life Insurance
Life insurance provides you with the opportunity to give new life insurance policies or paid policies to the Ridgewater College Foundation. Ridgewater College Foundation becomes the sole beneficiary and owner of the life insurance policy upon transfer.
Benefits to You:
This gift yields an immediate charitable tax deduction and at the same time provides a significant donation to Ridgewater College Foundation.
Please consider a gift to the Ridgewater College Foundation! Your contribution will make a difference.



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