Student Services

Ridgewater Student Services strives to provide outstanding services to our students. We offer a wide variety of campus-based activities designed to assist potential and current students in gathering information, making decisions about their lives, and implementing plans for their future. Student Services staff facilitate success for people from an early informational stage to beyond graduation.

Use the menu of options at the right to navigate the many student services available at Ridgewater College.​

To provide a system of support to students in their pursuit of their educational goals. 
  1. Customer Service: To serve the needs of all callers, visitors, staff, faculty and students in the quickest, most friendly and assistive way possible. We will support, empower and challenge students as they explore, discover, and create their own identities. We will strive to provide the best cultural environment possible for every student, staff and faculty member on our campuses.
  2. Recruitment: To recruit students who reflect our communities’ diversity.
  3. Matriculation: To admit, assess, advise and place students in classes that optimize their chances to achieve their educational goals.
  4. Retention: To offer quality efforts and support services which encourage and empower students to complete their educational goals.
  5. Communities: To participate in our communities to whatever extent possible to positively reflect on Ridgewater College and to encourage community participation and awareness in Ridgewater College

Ridgewater College is an equal opportunity employer and educator.