Senior Citizens

Minnesota residents 62 years old or older may enroll in credit courses on a space-available basis without payment of tuition and activity fees. The senior citizen rate applies only to students who are not collecting financial aid. Those choosing to enroll will be charged $20 per credit plus fees.

A senior citizen who wishes to take a class, but not receive credit, may “audit” a credit-based course at no charge. Students wishing to audit a class must declare this at the time of registration. In either situation, students would be assessed a mandatory parking and statewide student association fee, and be responsible for purchasing books and class materials.

Senior citizens may register for a course the day after the first class meets if there is space available in the course. Senior citizens who wish to guarantee their enrollment in a course may register earlier, but they will be required to pay full tuition and fees. If a senior citizen guarantees enrollment by registering early, the senior will not be allowed to utilize the tuition benefit for that course at a later date.

Senior citizens may also enroll without payment of tuition and activity fees in non-credit courses, except those courses designed and offered specifically and exclusively for senior citizens. A senior citizen enrolled in a non-credit course must pay for any materials, personal property or service charges for the course.

A senior citizen enrolled in a closed enrollment contract training or professional continuing education program is not eligible for these benefits.


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